Boilers and Heaters

Should you Turn Your Boilers and Heaters Off Over Summer?

A central heating system is designed to keep your home warm all winter. In summer though, you won’t be needing it. How do you ensure your underfloor heating system or radiators are ready to go when winter comes back around? As a general rule, you don’t need to turn the[…] READ MORE

Predicting Boiler Problems – Keep Warm This Winter

The beauty of a Luxury Heating, residential hydronic heating system is that there are very few ‘moving parts’. They consist of a heating source, in this case a boiler, which transfers the heat to your underfloor heating system, a circuit of pipes under your home and a thermostat. You can[…] READ MORE

Wetback Fireplaces

Have you got a roaring fire in your living room, putting out way more heat than you need? Why not use some of the extra heat for your hot water system? What’s a wetback? A wetback is essentially a series of tubes built into your fireplace that allow you to[…] READ MORE

Solid Fuel Boilers

You’ve got free (or cheap) firewood available? Why not use it to heat your entire house? With a solid fuel boiler, you can! A solid fuel boiler operates like a wood fireplace or stove, expect that instead of producing heat in the room, it heats water which is pumped into[…] READ MORE

Integrating Solar Heating

Want to connect your solar heating system to your central heating system? Of course you can! The longer answer is – it’s complicated, and there are some things to take into consideration. Let’s say you have a solar hot water heater. You’re also considering installing an underfloor central heating system[…] READ MORE

Diesel Boilers

Hear the words “Diesel Boiler” and you might be tempted to imagine a noisy, rattling contraption, belching black smoke and soot into the air. In fact, diesel boilers (sometimes known as oil boilers) are extremely clean, quiet and efficient, making them an excellent choice for home heating when natural gas[…] READ MORE

Heat Pumps

The perfect choice if you want an underfloor heating system and you don’t have natural gas available. Heat pumps have grown in popularity in recent years owing to their ease of maintenance and excellent running costs. Basically an air-conditioner operating in heating mode, a heat pump draws heat out of[…] READ MORE

Wood Pellet Boilers

Love the idea of an environmentally friendly boiler to keep your dream home warm this winter? A wood pellet boiler might be for you! If you’re not familiar with wood pellets, they’re basically sawdust compressed into small pellets. A wood pellet boiler has a hopper with an auger drive (think[…] READ MORE

Gas boilers

Looking for a low-maintenance, cost-effective source of heat for your home? There’s a reason that gas boilers have become the standard choice for home heating throughout the UK and Europe. At less than half the cost of a diesel boiler to install, and three-to-four times cheaper to run, gas boilers[…] READ MORE