Building Tips

Why Hydronic Heating Is A Must Have For Your Dream Home

Apparently - and this is according to a survey conducted by a major news organisation - the one thing that people want more than anything in their dream home is an ensuite attached to every bedroom. Following not far behind are walk in closets, relaxation rooms and libraries. Coming in[…] READ MORE

Thermally broken window frames

If you’ve looked at the results of any heat load calculation, you’ll notice that most of the heat from your home is lost through the windows. To get around that, it’s common to install double glazed windows in modern homes. But these are often supplied with aluminium frames, which are[…] READ MORE

I have lots of insulation – Do I still need central heating?

You might be asking, “Why pay for a full heating system when my brand new home is so well insulated?” It’s true that modern houses are much better insulated than older homes. Double glazed windows, fibreglass batts in your walls and ceilings, it’s a lot more than the average house[…] READ MORE

Hot water ring mains

Do you hate waiting for your shower to warm up in the morning? A common way to avoid this is to install a hot water ringmain. This type of system works by circulating hot water around your house to minimise the amount of waiting time when you turn on a[…] READ MORE

Home ventilation systems

Heard about free heating and cooling you can get from a home ventilation system? Sounds like a good deal, right? There are a number of home ventilation products on the market that have become popular in recent years. Probably the best known brand is HRV, but there are many more.[…] READ MORE