Hydronic Heating

Is Hydronic Heating More Economical?

Hydronic heating has a reputation for not being cheap to install, and generally that’s the case. But as with anything else you get what you pay for. Here’s a few reasons why hydronic heating is still good value for money. You’re heating the whole house In most Australian homes, we[…] READ MORE

How to Get the Most Out of Your Hydronic Heating System

While the winters in Sydney and other cities don’t compare to the extreme winters of Europe and other countries, hydronic heating has year round benefits that go beyond warming your home. It can be the source of hot water for your entire house and it can even heat your swimming[…] READ MORE

Types of controllers

If you’re used to ordinary electric heaters from K-Mart, you might be confused about the idea of a dedicated heating system built into your house. With your K-Mart heater, you get up and switch it on when you’re feeling cold, and you switch it off when you’re feeling too warm.[…] READ MORE

What’s Central Heating?

It’s winter, and your house is freezing. You’ve got a heater plugged into every room in your house, trying to keep the rooms warm. You’ve even got a fan heater in the hallway so you don’t freeze when you nip to the bathroom! Surely there’s a better way to live?[…] READ MORE

Pumps or valves

When you’re designing a multi-zone heating system you need to make a decision about how to supply heating water to the different zones. There’s two basic choices. Either we have a single primary circulating pump, and a motorised isolating valve the opens or closes the flow to each zone and[…] READ MORE

Installing radiators in an existing home

Have you bought a new home recently, or been living in your family home for a while? Do you need a new heating system installed before next winter? Retrofitting a central heating system into an existing home is entirely possible. Depending on how your home is built, there are different[…] READ MORE

Heat Pump break tanks

Has your designer specified a break tank or buffer tank between your heat pump and the heating system? Here’s why it’s necessary. Firstly, let’s consider a boiler supply an underfloor heating system. There will be any number of thermostats controlling heating to the different zones. When any of the thermostats[…] READ MORE

Heated towel rails

You’ve just stepped out of the shower. You reach for a towel, only to find that it’s already wet. Not exactly how you imagined life in your dream home, is it? Most modern houses are fitted with electric towel rails to keep your towels dry. The main drawback with heated[…] READ MORE

Heat Load Calculations

The first step in designing a heating system for your home is to calculate the required heating load. Here’s how we do it. The first thing we do is choose the indoor temperatures we want to heat the house to. As a general rule, we heat living areas to 21°C[…] READ MORE

Expansion vessels and why we need them

Wondering why you need an expansion vessel? The reasoning behind it is simple. Your central heating system contains a closed pipework filled with water. The boiler heats the water and pumps it through your radiators. All substances, including water, expand when they’re heated. So as the water in your system[…] READ MORE