Solar Panel Installation Sydney

Cut down your energy bills with your own solar energy system!

In addition to being highly cost-effective, solar energy is excellent for the environment, generating carbon-free electricity for your family.

Australia has one of the best climates in the world for solar energy, making it a great return on investment and a popular choice for many Australian families.

There are two basic types of solar energy system – Electric or Hot Water.

Solar Electric

These systems are also called Solar Photovoltaic (or PV). Essentially, they convert sunlight into electrical energy.

While these types of solar panels have previously been more expensive than solar hot water systems, the price has come down in recent years and they are now very cost-effective, offering a great return on investment.

For a home with electric heating or air conditioning, solar photovoltaic panels will greatly offset the cost of running your heating and cooling system.


Home battery technology is a new addition to the energy market and has received much publicity. The best-known player in the market is the Tesla Powerwall, although more competitors are launching products.

The cost of batteries is still quite high and we expect it to come down over the next few years. However, if you’re really interested in becoming completely grid-independent, then we’d be happy to speak to you about battery options.

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water systems heat your domestic hot water by using heat from the sun.

Nowadays, these are usually evacuated-tube panels, which have proven to be the most robust, efficient and cost-effective style.

Solar hot water panels simply absorb heat from the sun. Hot water from your storage tank is then pumped through the panel, absorbing the heat as the water passes through.

The tank will have an electric or gas backup booster in case you need more hot water than the sun can provide. For a system that has been properly sized, the booster won’t be used very often or even at all.

Domestic hot water is one of the largest energy loads in your home, and often the largest after space heating or cooling. A solar hot water system can greatly reduce or even eliminate your hot water bill making them a great investment.

In Australia today, a solar energy system is an essential part of reducing your home’s operating cost.

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