Why choose Luxury Heating?

Luxury Heating for your Home

Underfloor heating is a generic term; Luxury Heating is something else again; European design and innovation tailored for Australian conditions.


Cost and Energy Efficient
Luxury Heating Systems are the most cost effective, energy efficient way to bring complete comfort to every part of your home. Warmth is generated by natural convection so only minimal amounts of energy are needed to maintain a comfortable temperature.


Our highly skilled and professional engineers use your floor plans to conduct a comprehensive head load calculation to design a system that is specific to the requirements of your home. We can even heat your swimming pool and be the source of hot water for your entire house.


Quality and Expertise
We only use the highest quality, energy efficient components and our systems are expertly installed. Our systems operate by principles of natural convection and radiation rather than reliance on intricate components so maintaining your Luxury Heating System and its high quality parts is simple and cost efficient.


Luxury is deciding how warm you would like your house to be and for how long. Your Luxury Heating Systems operate on thermostats and time clocks. The thermostat moderates the temperature and the time clocks chooses the hours that you want the system to operate. Everything is automatically controlled and once the system is preset to the hours that the system is to be on, you don’t need to worry about it again. Now that’s luxury!