Ducted Air Conditioning Sydney

Australia is known worldwide for sunny weather, and air-conditioning is essential in many parts of the country to create a comfortable climate in your home during the warmer seasons.

Luxury Heating specialises in designing and installing high-quality ducted air-conditioning systems. There are three main criteria we use in our designs:

  1. Quality products – We use the best quality brands available in Australia to minimise maintenance requirements and ensure a strong manufacturer’s warranty.

Our preferred brands include Daikin, Actron and Mitsubishi Electric.

  1. Correctly sized – In a price-sensitive construction market, many contractors under size air-conditioning systems to reduce their costs. This means in the warmest weather your air-conditioning won’t keep up with demand, leaving your home too warm and humid.

Luxury Heating will ensure that we provide an air conditioning system sized appropriately for your home so that it operates as expected all year round.

  1. Minimum architectural compromise – There’s nothing more frustrating than spending months or years with your architect and designer, getting all the visual details of your new home just right, only to have ugly air conditioning equipment installed in the middle of your living room ceiling.

We’re experts at designing air conditioning systems that blend seamlessly into your interior design without spoiling your view.

Planning a new home or renovation and need a high-quality, energy-efficient air conditioning system?

Contact Luxury Heating today and we’ll discuss the best options available for you.