Heat Pump & Boiler Installation Service

The boiler is the source of your home’s heat. It heats a continuous flow of water which transfers the heat to your underfloor heating system or radiators.

There’s a range of different fuel types available to run your boiler, depending on your home design and circumstances.

Gas boilers are popular in Australia where piped gas is available because they’re efficient, cost-effective and compact in size. If you don’t have piped gas available, then either bottled gas (LPG) is an option for smaller homes, or diesel boilers are popular choices.

Alternatively, you can install a heat pump Even though a heat pump runs on electricity it is still three to four times more efficient than a traditional electric heater. A heat pump is a good choice where gas isn’t available or is too expensive.

It’s also good if you’re installing a solar photovoltaic system, because the solar energy you generate can run the heat pump. If you’re looking for a really energy efficient option, you can look at ground-source or geothermal heat pumps.

There are also boiler options that run on renewable fuels such as wood pellets or even firewood. Each type of boiler has its advantages and our engineers are well equipped to advise you on which fuel is best suited to your circumstances and what’s required for installation.