Why Hydronic Heating Is A Must Have For Your Dream Home

Apparently – and this is according to a survey conducted by a major news organisation – the one thing that people want more than anything in their dream home is an ensuite attached to every bedroom.

Following not far behind are walk in closets, relaxation rooms and libraries. Coming in further down the list are more discerning choices like bowling alleys, movie theatres, aquariums and even night-clubs!

But no matter what your idea of a dream home might be and what it might include, not one of those choices would contribute to your quality of life and comfort as completely as hydronic underfloor heating. Without hydronic underfloor heating, building a dream home is akin to carpeting a cave. What’s the point of ensuites and walk in closets if they come with cold floors, drafts and condensation. Not only is an underfloor heating system the most efficient, cost effective and best heating system for homes, it means that you can move through every part of your home at a temperature preset to your level of comfortability. That could mean summer temperatures all year round.

It’s a dream home must have!

And while a Luxury Heating underfloor heating system is luxurious, it does not come with a ‘luxury item’ price tag. If you are building a new home or undergoing extensive renovations, it is in fact the most sensible and cost efficient form of heating available. The pipework is installed within the structural slab of the building around mesh in a comprehensive, spiral fashion. This is how you avoid cold spots.

Heat is transferred into the concrete slab which radiates heat into your room. Certainly, some floors are more conductive than others. Tile and stone floors, for example, are relatively porous and work well with hydronic heating systems. So do marble, granite and terrazzo. But that’s not to say that hydronic heating doesn’t work with timber, laminate or carpet. Some timbers are better than others and some carpet underlays are less conducive for transferring heat. But these are issues you can discuss with your Luxury Heating and flooring consultants. They will understand the properties of each product and work together to get the best result.

One of the main benefits of an underfloor hydronic heating system is a dust and allergen free environment. Unlike air forced heating systems, there are no airborne particles to cause breathing problems associated with asthma and other allergens.

Now if we’re talking dream homes, and we are, then you’ll be including, or at the very least considering, a swimming pool. What if you could have a pool heating system heated with hydronic pipes under the floor and in the wall of the pool’s structure that heats your pool at no additional cost? This would result in a consistent flow of heat managed by a thermostat that intervenes once the target temperature is reached. By the way, that’s how a hydronic heating system maintains its temperature. Preset the temperature and once it’s reached the thermostat will maintain it. You can have multiple thermostats to cater for individual preference.

So for your dream home. Start with comfort and then consider the rooms you would like to have. The dream of a dream home is incomplete if there are parts of it that will be too cold to visit.

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